Fix it WMF 32004 1/32 F-4S Slatted Wings




Tamiya 1/32 F-4J kit


Scott Van Aken

This upgrade set is just the thing for those of you who like to work in 1/32 scale and especially for Naval Phantom fans. The set allows the modeler to convert the Tamiya 1/32 F-4J into an F-4S. One would have thought that by now Tamiya would have done their own S, but it has never happened.

The set is like every other Wingman 'Fix It' resin set in that the resin casting is flawless. The resin attachment stubs are quite thin so there is not a lot of hacking and sawing required to remove the parts.

Included in this set is everything you need to complete the conversion. You get two complete outer wing sections, the outer slats and the inner actuator assemblies. You are also provided with a pair of etched brass wing fences in the size and shape appropriate for the Navy Phantom.

As they say on TV, but that's not all! you also get the VTAS sensors for inside the cockpit frame. These were installed to allow use of the helmet mounted sight system. The set comes with full installation instructions as well as crystal clear photos to assist.

If you are a phan of the phabulous phantom, then this is a set you should get.

July 2015

Review set courtesy of  Available from Hannants, Lucky Model, Shop of Phantoms and other retailers. 

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