Werner's Wings 48-16 UH-1H Upgrades


Kitty Hawk 1/48 UH-1


$10.00 from www.wernerswings.com


Scott Van Aken



This nice upgrade set from Werner's Wings is for UH-1H Hueys that operated post Vietnam. The set consists of three separate items. One is a set of form fitted wire and cable cutters. Second are a pair of APR-39 warning receiver antennas that fit on the nose. The third is an IPS (fancy air filter) that was laced over the ending intake housing to further prevent stuff from getting into the engine.

As you can see, the detailing on the parts is superb. WW provides complete installation instruction as well as a number of photos to help aid you in proper placement of these items. 

September 2017

Review copy courtesy of the fine folks at Werner's Wings where you can get yours. 

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