Valiant Wings 1/72 Defiant Replacement Nose and Spinner


Airfix kit


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Scott Van Aken



It is always nice to see a new company come about to take care of some of the shape problems with older model kits. One of those kits is the Airfix 1/72 Defiant. Though most of the kit has a good shape, the nose is very much not right. Most will either carry on or go through the rather complex task of making a new one out of card and putty.

No need to do that now that Valiant Wings has released a new resin nose and spinner. The quality of the resin casting is very good indeed. I noticed one of the prop blade holes will need to be drilled out and there are a few resin bubbles on the nose itself, but nothing out of the ordinary for short run resin. This one is a simple case of chopping off the old one and replacing it with the new. Valiant Wings has provided a complete set of instructions that includes upgrade bits from other companies for the Defiant. Overseas customers will be pleased at the very sturdy cardboard container in which the part is shipped, ensuring no breakage by the gentle hands of the postal service.

Review copy courtesy of the fine folks at Valiant Wings. You can reach them at as they do not yet have a website. They do accept paypal.

June 2010

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