Valiant Wings 1/72 Sterling Mk.IV nose


Airfix kit


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Scott Van Aken



United Kingdom's Short Stirling Bomber

Backing up just a tad, this is Valiant Wings first conversion. It is a new clear nose section for the Airfix Sterling kit. The Mk.IV had a very different front end from the earlier Sterlings and this has never been properly done by any aftermarket company. The complete clear nose is devoid of any panel lines as these things were not always the same on all aircraft, so you should have a photo reference. Most had the same small side windows as are produced on the kit so once the kit nose is removed, those sections can be used as a reference. The vacuformed plastic is very well done and free of any air bubbles.

The upgrade has a very complete and concise set of instructions that include other modifications needed to the kit to produce this variant. There is also a large selection of references to help you with this conversion. Overseas customers will be pleased at the very sturdy cardboard container in which the part is shipped, ensuring no damage by the gentle hands of the postal service.

Review copy courtesy of the fine folks at Valiant Wings. You can reach them at as they do not yet have a website. They do accept paypal.

June 2010

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