True Details 1/72 Tiny Tim Rockets


TD 72503


$6.99 MSRP


Appropriate 1/72 aircraft


Scott Van Aken

This is a nice and most welcome set. There are two Tiny Tim rockets  with alternate noses and separate fins. These rockets were used late in WWII and during Korea so would be applicable on US Mustangs, Invaders, F-84G Thunderjets, early Skyraiders and the AM-1 Mauler to name but a few. The alternate blunt noses were only used by the F-84G and are easy to use by simply cutting the pointy warhead at the appropriate place. True Details supplies a set of instructions for this function as well as painting information. It makes for something a bit different from the norm.

Thanks to Squadron Products for the review set. You can get this set at this link.

November 2013

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