True Details 1/48 T-28B/C cockpit set


TD 48551


$18.99 SRP


Roden 1/48 kit


Scott Van Aken

This brand new True Details cockpit set is designed for the equally new Roden 1/48 T-28B/C Trojan. This set is pretty much a complete replacement for the extant kit parts, and includes quite a bit of additional detail.

There is a full cockpit tub, two nicely molded seats that have harness detail, the front and rear instrument panels with the rear one having the anti-glare panel molded as part of it, replacement sidewalls and a new auxilliary instrument panel and ADF loop antenna.

Also included are new rudder pedals, new throttles, and new two-piece control sticks. These are not only a LOT beefier than the kit parts, but have a separate control handle and control shafts. In common with many sets like this, any extant sidewall detail will have to be ground away in order to get these parts to properly fit.

The set comes with complete photo instructions that show where all the bits fit and what the completed assembly looks like.

A fine upgrade set that will make the Roden Trojan look even better.

May 2012

My thanks to Squadron Products for the review set. Get these at your local shop or have them order a set for you.

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