True Details 1/48 PV-1 propeller set


TD 48550


$9.99 SRP


Revell-Monogram 1/48 kit


Scott Van Aken

Nowadays, research for a new kit is important. Model companies will often send teams out to measure and gather data for a new kit based on aircraft that are extant in museums, for that is usually the place where one finds the most accurate and authentic survivors. Such was the case with the PV-1 when Revell's team went to Canada where one was superbly restored in a museum.

However, as sometimes happens, this Canadian PV-1 did not have the same props as used on the bulk of PV-1s produced and used during WWII. The props are accurate for the Canadian version, but not for any of the kit markings options.

Thankfully, the aftermarket crowd have come to the rescue so there is no need to rob your Monogram B-17 for props. This new set from True Details is a total replacement for the kit props. Flawlessly molded in a grey resin, the set contains hubs with slots for the blades and accurate paddle blade propellers. One simply sands off the tiny pour stubs on the blade tips, paints the props then glues them into the hubs. These are direct replacement for the ones provided in the kit.

March 2012

My thanks to Squadron Products for the review set. Get these at your local shop or have them order a set for you.

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