True Details 1/48 P-61 props and spinners


TD 48547


$9.99 SRP


Revell/Monogram and Great Wall kit


Scott Van Aken

Both the older Monogram and newer Great Wall Hobby P-61 Black Widow are fine kits in their own right. Both are generally quite accurate and build into large models. One area where both are in need of some aftermarket are the propellers.

The Monogram kit (which has also been released under the Revell label) has a spinner that is far too short. The Great Wall kit has been lambasted for having prop blades that are not the correct shape.

This new set from True Details corrects both of those errors by providing a new set of propellers. The kit has separate blades that easily slot into the new hubs. I have built TD props like this and they truly are simple to assemble.

Not only are the superbly molded and free from glitches, but they will not break the bank in their purchase. If you have either of these kits, you really need to get this set.

January 2012

My thanks to Squadron Products for the review set. Get these at your local shop or have them order a set for you.

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