True Details 1/48 A-37 Drop Tanks


TD 48545


$11.99 SRP


Encore/Revell/Monogram kit


Scott Van Aken

Here is a neat upgrade set for the newly released Encore kit or perhaps for those of you who have the original Monogram kit. The Dragonfly normally carried these rather large tanks in order to extend its flying time. This is especially true of those ANG planes and others that were not involved in dropping ordnance. It was not at all uncommon to see at least four of these tanks being carried by these aircraft.

These resin tanks are an improvement over the kit ones in several ways. First, there is no seam to fill when assembling these tanks. Simply remove the tank from the very think pour stub and attach the fins. Secondly, these tanks have greatly improved detail over the kit tanks including a nicely detailed keel that is just an extended strip on the kit tanks. You can see this clearly on the underside of the top tank.

It is a great addition to your next 1/48 Dragonfly build and one that will really enhance the model.

September 2011

My thanks to Squadron Products for the review set. Get these at your local shop or have them order a set for you.

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