True Details 1/48 AIM-26B Missile Set


TD 48542


$9.99 SRP


F-102, F-106 and Draken


Scott Van Aken

It is pretty much a given that when it comes to aircraft weapons, the ones provided in most kits are not as nicely done as those provided by aftermarket folks. In fact, sometimes the kit items are just flat wrong and little more than shapes.

True Details has come to the rescue of those who like to have superbly done weapons with this pair of AIM-26B Falcons. These are not the nuclear Falcons, but the semi-active homing variety that was used on the F-102A (center racks), F-106A and on the Saab J.35 Draken. The missiles have excellent detailing that includes mounting lugs and super thin wings. The exhaust sections are separate and will need to be cemented in place once removed from the pour stub.

It is a fine set and like all True Detail items it is most reasonably priced.

Thanks toSquadron Products for the review set. You can find this and other products at your local retailer.

April 2011

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