True Details 1/48 UC-78/JRC-1 Interior Detail Set


TD 48541


$14.98 MSRP


Czech Model kit


Scott Van Aken

Recently, True Details released a resin cockpit set for the civilian T-50 Bobcat to fit the Czech Model 1/48 Cessna Bobcat. Now here is the military version. There are not parts in common between this and the previous set. This one has a new floor, rear bulkhead, two front seats, a rear seat, rear seat back, right and left sidewall padding and a new set of headphones. In short, all the bits needed to do a military version of the Bamboo Bomber.

It is a fine set and like all True Detail items, reasonably priced and comes with complete instructions.

Thanks toSquadron Products for the review set. You can find this and other products at your local retailer.

May 2010

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