True Details B-17 Cockpit section




$12.98 ($11.46 at Squadron)


Scott Van Aken



Set number two is for the cockpit section, and I guess that also includes the upper turret as well. This set is for the Revell kit and since it says B-17G, I have to assume they really mean the Monogram kit. This is the most complex set of the three and includes everything you need for a total cockpit. There is a floor section, forward and aft bulkheads, seats, instrument panels, control sticks, oxygen bottles, radios, side panels and other bits and pieces. One situation I guess I should have expected is that there was some breakage. When one puts relatively heavy pieces in with relatively fragile ones (and I'm thinking these are some sort of brace for behind the seats), one is just asking for this to happen. Fixing it won't be simple as the parts are so thin, but it can be done.

Overall, this is a very nice set and what's even better is that the price is quite reasonable for what you get even at twice the price.

October 2005

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