True Details B-17 Bombardier's section




$9.98 ($8.96 at Squadron)


Scott Van Aken



This is the first of three detail sets for the B-17. It is listed on the package as being for the Revell kit (which is a B-17F), but it seems to me that they mean the Monogram version as it appears to have a hole in the forward section for the nose gun that was carried on the G model. If this is not correct, I'd appreciate any additional information.

Anyway, the set is quite comprehensive and consists of a floor, rear bulkhead, both side bulkheads (a top and bottom piece for each side), bomb sight, plotting table, seat, various electronic boxes and the four .50 cal guns (which you use the kit barrels on). Some additional scratchbuilding in terms of the seat supports an some minor braces is needed to complete this set.

There are a few parts not used and the instructions have parts 9 & 10 backward, but you should have not trouble figuring out which is which! A painting chart is also provided using standard and FS 595 references. In all a very nice set and one that doesn't cost a fortune!

October 2005

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