True Details P-47C-5 to D-10  Cockpit Set




$9.98 ($8.97 at Squadron)


Scott Van Aken


For Tamiya P-47D Razorback

This is the first of two new sets for the Tamiya P-47D Thunderbolt. It is a very nicely done set that includes a floor with backwall, armor plating, seat, three different gunsights, side walls, rudder pedals, control stick, instrument panel and throttle rods. There is also a 'flap equalizer' for the earlier versions.

The parts are very well molded and in the usual style with resin pour blocks that in some cases will need some careful sawing to remove, while others can be carefully removed with a sharp scalpel blade. An instruction sheet gives full color information and notes as well as what modifications have to be done to the kit in order for this set to fit properly.

Though it is designed for the Tamiya kit, it might also fit others, though some adjustment will undoubtedly have to be made.

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