True Details DH Sea Vixen MB 4DSA Ejection Seats


TD 48508


$11.98 SRP


Scott Van Aken



This new set from True Details contains a pair of ejection seats as used in the Sea Vixen. These seats have separate pull handles supplied. There are two seats and four pull handles (perhaps spares/). The seats have belts already molded in place and the crispness of the detailing is first rate. Even the belt arrangement is not identical on the two seats, which is a nice touch. These are most likely for the recent Airfix kit, though one could use these in the Dynavector kit if that is in your stash. I like that True Details has put a section of foam in behind the parts to keep them from rattling around and getting damaged.

August 2011

Thanks to Squadron Products for the review sample. You can get these today at your local retailer.

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