True Details 1/32 Luftwaffe WWII Parachute #1


TD 32511


$9.99 SRP




Scott Van Aken

In the days before parachutes were incorporated into the seat of the plane, pilots would have to don them prior to entering the plane. Naturally, they often waited until just before boarding to put them on as they were not exactly comfortable to walk around in. Getting out of them was also the first thing they did post mission.

Often times these were set on the tailplane or on the wing before going through the steps to putting them on. Apparently the US ones were selling well soo True Details has decided to offer another set. This particular chute is one typically worn by Luftwaffe aircrew during WWII. This version is molded with the harness facing down. As with all True Details resin bits, the molding is superb.

A nice addition to your next big scale Luftwaffe kit or diorama.

Thanks toSquadron Products for the review set. You can find this and other products at your local retailer.

March 2013

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