True Details 1/32 Mercedes D.III Engine


TD 32461


$14.98 MSRP


Any appropriate application


Scott Van Aken

Many WWI aircraft utilzed Mercedes liquid cooled engines. Now, True Details offers one for the 1/32 aero modeler. This engine is applicable to the many WWI types that utilized it or simply as a display by itself. There is no recommended kit. The parts are superbly molded and though the modeler will have to add some small items with plastic rod or copper wire, it is not beyond the skills of those who are able to build resin aftermarket items.

A complete set of assembly instructions are provided along with tips on ensuring that you'll be able to get the set to fit properly. It is a superbly molded set and one that will definitely add detail to your next WWI aircraft build.

Thanks toSquadron Products for the review set. You can find this and other products at your local retailer.

March 2010

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