True Details 1/32 RF-80A Conversion


TD 32460


$11698 MSRP


Czech Model 1/32 F-80C


Scott Van Aken

Some conversions are pretty straight forward, and such it is with this RF-80A conversion from True Details. This is a simple nose replacement for the Czech Model 1/32 F-80C. One simply cuts off the old nose and replaces it with this one. you'll probably have to saw off the pour stub for the best fit. The weight of this resin nose is such that it will probably alleviate the need for additional weight.

In addition to the nose section, the set comes with five camera lenses and (not shown) an acetate sheet with the camera windows marked out. One simply cuts these out and cements them in place with white glue or clear gloss paint.

A complete set of assembly instructions are provided along with tips on ensuring that you'll be able to get the set to fit properly. The resin itself is superbly cast with no molding glitches of any kind.

Thanks toSquadron Products for the review set. You can find this and other products at your local retailer.

June 2010

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