True Details 1/32 F-80C Wheel Well set


TD 32458


$19.98 MSRP


Czech Model 1/32 F-80C.


Scott Van Aken

More resin bits for the Czech Model 1/32 F-80. This time it is a complete set of wheel well and speedbrak wells. These are very well done with a greater amount of detail that provided in the kit. There is a bit of cutting required to remove the old kit main wheel wells, but it is a pretty straight-forward job. The set includes a new three piece main well and speed-brake well. There is also a brand new nose gear well, again, with greater detail than provided with the kit parts. Included are two new speed brakes as well as various actuating pistons for these brakes and the gear. One does have to use various pieces from the kit in conjunction with these parts, but the instructions distinctly tell you what goes where.

Thanks toSquadron/MMD for the review set. You can find this and other products on their website or from your local retailer.

June 2009

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