True Details 1/32 P-61 Wheel Set


TD 32018


$12.99 SRP




Scott Van Aken

This set is for the very large Hobby Boss 1/32 P-61 Black Widow. I have built the 1/48 scale version of this aircraft and it is large so the 1/32 version will be huge.

This True Details set is comprised of the three tires, and the bits for the wheels. Each wheel is an inner and outer half with, in the case of the main wheels, two pieces between them for the axles. The nose wheel has a single section. Now on these these wheels, not only the pour stub needs to be removed, but also the center section of the tires. On the wheels, the very light resin flash in between the spokes needs to be removed as well. This is not a simply 'paint and install' set but then it is not that difficult either. True Details includes a full set of instructions with photos to walk you through the process. One thing for sure, these will be more detailed than the kit bits and no tire seam to remove.

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March 2013

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