True Details 1/72 F-4C/D/E/F/G Wheel Set


TD 45011


$1.50 way back when


Any 1/72 F-4 kit


Scott Van Aken

This particular wheel set is for the F-4 Phantom II. Fortunately for modelers, the F-4 used the same wheel and tire design throughout its operational life. This set has the 'bulged' look, but it isn't as pronounced as you find with some of their larger sets. This set is not for any of the USN planes as they had different wheels. However, for any of the USAF planes this would work well. Simply match a drill bit to the size of the kit axle and drill out the back.

Well worth seeking out if your kit wheels are not all that great or you need replacements because you lost one.

October 2020

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