True Details 1/48 F-106A '0-0' Ejection Seat


TD 48433


$9.99 SRP


Monogram 1/48 kit


Scott Van Aken

Another very popular Monogram Century Series kit is the F-106A Delta Dart. Those who have built this one can tell you that it makes into a very large, but very nice model. Typical of those kits done by Monogram (and also released with the Revell label), the general detailing of the kit is excellent. However, no plastic molded kit really has a crisply done bang seat and this is where True Details comes in. This latest offering is a zero-zero ejection seat. Zero-Zero means that the seat will work at zero miles an hour and zero feet, something that earlier seats were generally unable to equal, needing some speed and altitude to get the pilot safely out of the plane. The seat itself is superbly molded and comes with all the belts and harnesses molded in place. It looks a ton better than the kit seat and will make your next big delta an even better presentation.

December 2013

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