True Details 1/48 PZL P.11/P.24 Wheel Set


TD 48074




Any appropriate 1/48 kit


Scott Van Aken

Sometimes, kit wheels are just fine. When you want something a bit better then the aftermarket folks come to the rescue. This set is for the 1/48 PZL P.11 and P.24 series of fighters. To my knowledge, there are only two sources for this kit in this scale. One is the old LTD kit which is fairly crude, even for a short run kit. The other is the much nicer Roden kit, which has been around for a while, but has yet to be eclipsed. These wheels are bulged at the bottom and while some think it is a bit much, others find them just fine. Simply paint them up, remove them from the pour stub, and drill out the axle hole to the proper size. Not sure how available these still are, but if you find them, they are worth picking up.

October 2020

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