True Details 1/48 A-20 Wheels and Life Raft Set


TD 48059




Italeri/AMT 1/48 kit


Scott Van Aken

When AMT initially released their series of 1/48 A-20s, it was greeted with glad cries by enthusiasts. Indeed, the kit was quite well done for the time and many, including myself, built one of them. However, it was lacking something. In this case it was the proper tread on the tires. For the main gear, the tires looked like they had scales for tread rather than the proper design. The kit was also missing the very visible life raft that sat behind the pilot's seat, AMT choosing to leave this area blank. Now I'm not sure if Italeri fixed this situation, but I know my other AMT variants are in need of this set.

As is usual with True Details, the tires look more flat than they do weighted, but it is easy to sand away the excess bulging. The life raft is just a bonus. Well worth picking up if you are doing this kit (assuming it is still available).

October 2020

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