True Details 1/48 F-4B/N Wheel Set


TD 48053




Any 1/48 F-4B/N


Scott Van Aken

True Details pretty well invented the 'bulged tire' craze that started when they introduced their flattened on the bottom resin tires. This works with some aircraft and doesn't with others. A fair number of folks find the effect to be quite overdone, but when you look at the way people paint and weather their models, whose to say what is overdone.

The F-4B/N had very high pressure main tires that never got at flat as what you see on this particular set. Nose tires in general, also never got to be that flat. However, this is what we are provided with this set. You get two main tire/wheel and two nose tire/wheels. These are ready to be drilled out to match whatever axle you are attaching these to.

For those who have the set (as do I) and want to use them, the bulges can be sanded down to where they are not so prominent. It takes a bit of work, but can be done as I've done this several times.

December 2020

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