Mondo Ridotto 1/48 Fiat G.91 detail Set


SWAR 48001


13.90 direct from Mondo Ridotto


Heller/Ocidental Fiat G.91R. Should fit ESCI kit as well.


Scott Van Aken

Always nice to see a new addition to the aftermarket crowd and Mondo Ridotto of Italy has begun with their 'Small World Accessories' collection with this one on the 1/48 Heller/Ocidental  Fiat G.91R kit. It should also fit the ESCI kit with little difficulty.

In the set you get a cockpit tub, additional back wall, ejection seat, instrument panel, replacement flaps, nose and main gear wells, main and nose wheels and a PAN nose cone as used on the preproduction aircraft and the Frecce Tricolori display team. The resin is faultless with only minimal flash and no molding glitches at all. The overall level of detailing is quite good. though not quite a sharp as on some other sets you may have seen, it is a huge improvement over the kit bits. The main wheels have been flattened and bulged, though I personally could do without the bulging.

All the bits are designed to replace kit items so fitting them should present no problems. The instructions provided are excellent. There are photos of all the bits so you shouldn't have any trouble identifying anything. This is followed by drawings showing the installation of these parts. There is also a written description of the installation procedures and what kit parts they replace.  A nice touch is a painting guide, something often left out of resin update sets.

Overall an excellent set and one that is most reasonably priced when compared to some others on the market.

December 2005

Review sample courtesy of Mondo Ridotto. Visit them to see what else they offer.

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