Steel Beach SB213, 214 and 21 F-18E/F covers for Revell kit. SB216 217, and 218 F-18E/F covers for Hasegawa kit


$6.99 MSRP From -


Scott Van Aken


1/48 scale

Things will now get a bit confusing. For some reason, the Revell and Hasegawa Super Hornet kits are not exactly the same in terms of dimensions. Which is better is still being hotly contested, though it seems that Hasegawa has the lead in accuracy, while Revell's kit is about a third the price. Regardless, both have deep intakes that can look rather nasty depending on how well one can get them to fit.

So Steel Beach has the fix in terms of covers. Like the previous sets, there are full instructions on just how to apply these so no worries in that case. There are also several colors available.

Revell: 213, red; 214, black; 215, blue
Hasegawa: 216, red; 217, black; 218, blue

The ones shown at the top of the page are for the Hasegawa kit.

September 2006

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