Steel Beach SB 219-222 A-7 Intake covers


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Scott Van Aken


1/48 scale  for Hasegawa kits

Without a doubt, one of the most difficult intakes to work with is that of the F-8/A-7. As much due to its length as anything else. The thought of tackling the long seams on the sides of an A-7s intake has probably done as much to keep the kits unbuilt as anything else! Sure, you can get seamless resin intakes, but those are expensive and often require additional cutting. For we who are cheap, Steel Beach has a line of vinyl covers and an excellent set of instructions on how to apply them.

Colors for these are 219 - red, 220 - black, 221 - blue, and 222 -green.

Now for something that SB has missed and really one can't blame them as most of what people see are at air shows. There, only the best is brought and that means color coordinated covers. Not only that, but they are clean.

However, out in the fleet, you are as likely to see grey covers as any other color. Not only that, but they will not be clean. They are also not always nice and taught. This is something that perhaps Steel Beach should look into. My input into 'wouldn't it be nice if....'.

August 2006

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