Steel Beach SBA 121: F-18E/F ECS Pipes


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Scott Van Aken


1/48 scale for Hasegawa kits, also can be used on the Revell kit.

One of the more recent mods to the Super Hornet is the replacement of the ECS compartment cooling screen with these pipes. They more effectively remove heat from that compartment and are being retrofitted on all extant air frames. You can now do the same thing to your Hasegawa 1/48 Super Hornet. First cut out the old grille area on the kit then put these into the resulting holes. For the Revell kit, these are a slightly different size so templates have been provided so you can use these on this kit as well. Instructions are provided so you can get yours to fit perfectly.

Thanks to Steel Beach for the review samples. You can get them at -

August 2006

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