Shelf Oddity SO 214410: 1/144 FM-2 Wildcat

KIT #: SO214410
PRICE: 4.50 Euros
DECALS: not required
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken

photo etch set


This is Shelf Oddity's set for the very nice Sweet 1/144 FM-2 Wildcat. The set consists of external parts with the only internal bits being what would be seen through the canopy, which means a seat with belts, head rest, and instrument panel. The rest of the bit are for the outside and most of those are concentrated on the landing gear area. These include new gear doors, cowl flaps, elevator hinges, pitot tube, and some other small external bits.

Due to the size of the parts, this is very much not for the beginner, however, if you are comfortable working with photo etch, this set will be a very nice addition to your Sweet Wildcat. I should mention that the instructions for this and other Shelf Oddity sets are available on-line and can be downloaded without any problems. The instructions offer full information and details on installing this set, including photographs.

January 2016


Thanks to Shelf Oddity for the review set. Get this item today at this link.

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