Siga Etched brass sets




Scott Van Aken


Designed for SIGA armor and aircraft kits

It should come as no surprise that SIGA also produces small etched brass frets to enhance their 1/72 kits. These frets come with an instruction sheet that shows just exactly where to place the items. There are also other enhancement notes included with some of the sets; especially those for armor kits.

Four sets were sent along; two for aircraft and two for armor. Starting with the aircraft sets, there is one for the FJ-1 and one for the new AM-1 Mauler. As you can see the Fury set is mostly for interior bits and includes a new instrument panel side consoles and harness among some of the enhancements. For the AM-1, the set is a bit more extensive with not only interior bits, but also with cowl flaps, speedbrake and wheel bits, to name a few. You'll be seeing this set used in an upcoming build review.

For the armor fans, small sets for the SNAR-10 and 2s1 Gvozdika were sent along. These two sets are mostly rear mud guards and enhancements for the upper section of the vehicle. One thing I have been told is that these will be very inexpensive.

Overall they are very nice sets and should be great enhancements to your SIGA models.

Review sets courtesy of the fine folks at SIGA models.

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