Robert Schatton 1/32 3.7 cm cannon barrels


Hasegawa 1/32 Ju-87G


6.30 each (12.60 the pair)


Scott Van Aken



It is always nice to see something new and especially so if they are well done. These are superbly done 3.7 cm cannon barrels that are applicable to the new Hasegawa 1/32 Ju-87G kit. From what I can see, the quality of these is absolutely top rate. It appears that they are simple replacements for the kit parts.

Now you are probably wondering why they are priced individually. Well, I can only guess that these would be applicable to 1/35 field guns as well. Those folks would only need one. Regardless, the price is quite reasonable when you consider that often dedicated armor tank barrels run in the $10 range for one. Did I mention that they are superbly done?

If this looks like something you'd like (and I can't see why not), you can order direct from

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