S.B.S. Model 1/48 He-111 props and spinner


S.B.S. Model 1/48 He-111 Props and Spinner


6.50 direct from www.sbsmodel.com


Scott Van Aken


Resin for the Revell kit. Set SBS 48002

SBS Model's second offering is a set of blades and spinners for the Revell/ProModeler 1/48 H-111. This particular set is for those planes that have the VS-11 wooden propellers. These are larger, 'paddle-bladed' props used on some of the later versions.

As you can see, the molding is flawless with only a small amount of resin pour stub removal required. These are designed to be drop fits into the kit's prop backing plate.

An excellent set and one you should seriously consider for your next project.

May 2008

Review copy courtesy of www.sbsmodel.com  Visit them at theirwebsite.

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