Scale Aircraft Conversions 32049: Polikarpov I-16 type 24 landing gear
PRICE: $18.95 MSRP
FOR: Special Hobby 1/32 kit
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Cast Metal

The next new set from Scale Aircraft Conversions is this set for the Special Hobby 1/32 Polikarpov I-16. You are probably thinking "wait a minute. We saw this set earlier'. Well yes and no. This set is for the Type 24 variant and while many of the parts are the same as the earlier type 10/17 set, there are differences. Mainly the tail skid is now a tail wheel and this aircraft had oleo scissors, something the earlier version did not have. You still get the bits for the ski option that is provided with this kit.

The gear is quite well cast and all one needs to do is clean up the mold seams, paint things and install them in place as they are direct replacements for the kit parts. It is not uncommon for cast metal bits to be a bit bent but some careful straightening out will bring them into line once again.

You can order these direct at if your local hobby shop does not stock them.

March 2011

Thanks to Scale Aircraft Conversions for the review set.

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