Scale Aircraft Conversions 48264: X-47B Landing Gear
PRICE: $17.95 MSRP
FOR: Freedom Models 1/48 kit
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Cast Metal

This Scale Aircraft Conversions set is for the new Freedom Models 1/48 X-47B drone. I have not seen this kit, but judging by the size of the 1/72 version, it must be pretty big. The set consists of the two main landing gear and the two retraction struts for that gear. Two different nose struts are provided, one with the shuttle bar lowered. There are apparently three additional bits for the nose gear and they are included.   Like most SAC gear, this set is nicely molded and is a direct replacement for the kit parts.

You can order these direct at if your local hobby shop or favorite on-line retailer does not stock them.

August 2014

Thanks to Scale Aircraft Conversions for the review set.

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