Scale Aircraft Conversions 32089: F4F Wildcat Landing Gear
PRICE: $18.95 MSRP
FOR: Trumpeter 1/32 kit
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Cast Metal

Though not a new kit, Scale Aircraft Conversions felt it would be a good idea to do a metal set for the Trumpeter 1/32 F4F Wildcat. This set is actually quite large and consists of the main gear legs with two sets of braces. There is a tail gear fork and an item I do not recognize, but is probably the piece on which the gear doors attach. The set is not only nicely molded, but some of the bits have metal sprues to keep things from being too badly bent during shipping, an issue for long, thin bits. This is a direct replacement for the kit parts.

You can order these direct at if your local hobby shop or favorite on-line retailer does not stock them.

November 2014

Thanks to Scale Aircraft Conversions for the review set.

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