SET: Redux Accessories 1/48 P-40B Improvement set
SET #: RDX 48002
PRICE: $39.31 from Design & Marketing Int'l
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Resin and etched brass parts


A company new to this reviewer is Redux Accessories. This particular set is listed as an Improvement Set and is designed specifically for the Trumpeter 1/48 P-40B/C Tomahawk. As some of you know, the Trumpeter kit has a few glitches and this set is to allow the builder to address some of those.

Included in the set are 13 resin parts, two photo etch frets and an instrument panel decal. Once you wrestle open the box, you are greeted by the wafting fragrance of fresh resin. Inside you will find resin replacement for the cockpit tub and side walls, a new seat, two replacement exhaust, a set of flaps, two replacement wheels with block tread, a new rudder and new horizontal stabilizers. All are superbly molded with small pour stubs. I found it especially interesting that the rudder has the trim tab off set to the left. The two etched frets are for the shoulder harness and for the instrument panel. One sandwiches the instrument decal between the two main panel pieces after first painting the face in the appropriate color.

A set of instructions is provided that show precisely where the new bits go and how they interface with the kit parts.

Overall a very nice set and one that you really should consider if doing Trumpeter's quarter scale Tomahawk.

May 2005

Thanks to Design & Marketing Int'l for the review set.

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