Raupen Modell 1/35 JGSDF Type 90 MBT Tracks




$69.95 SRP


Any 1/35 Type 90 MBT


Scott Van Aken

This is one of two releases from a brand new company from Japan, Raupen Modell. This particular set is for the Japanese Ground Defense Force's Type 90 main battle tank. This set of links is without the rubber pads with the other set including those pads. Each of the track links consists of an upper and lower piece that traps a joiner piece that goes to the next link. The set comes with four bags each containing ten sprues s you see above. This will make four complete links. An image of these links glued together is shown below.

This set is designed for any of the available kits of the Type 90 tanks and will really add a lot to your model of this important Japanese MBT.

August 2013

Review sample courtesy of www.dragonmodelsusa.com. You can get yours at your local retailer or ask them to order it for you.

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