Quickboost 1/72 F-16A/B Block 5/10 stabilizers


QB 72196




any appropriate 1/72 kit


Scott Van Aken

When it comes to current F-16A model kits, you are pretty well stuck with doing a Block 15 or later version. You see, when the Block 15 was developed, it came with stabilizers that were about 10% larger than those in the initial two production blocks. This helped to increase the maneuverability of the aircraft and so all extant planes were retrofit with the later stabs. However, if one wants to model the earlier planes before the upgrade, one was pretty much out of luck unless they had the older ESCI kit. One could rob the stabs from that kit or one of the prototype kits from Revell and Hasegawa to add to their newer kit, but that would leave a kit that was without parts. This set allows you to build a more modern tooling of this plane and use markings from the first years of service. The only care one has to take is not to accidentally cut away the mounting pins.

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October 2016

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