Quickboost 1/48 A-37B Control Sticks


QB 48729




Trumpeter 1/48 kit


Scott Van Aken

There are times when one wonders why there are aftermarket bits at all. I bought this set to add to an order to help make the postage seem less of a trial. I then compared this set to what came in the kit. So here are the differences? The control handle is a bit more detailed and the shaft is a bit more curved. Now exactly how many people would ever notice the difference is unknown, though I'm sure that if you've flown the plane a lot you would catch this.

So what I guess I'm saying regarding this one is if you don't see anything wrong with the kit piece, save your money and pass on this one. Those who have to dump a ton of aftermarket into a model will, of course, snap this one right up and since I bought the set, I will use them. You do get enough for two planes or to replace one that you might break removing it from the sprue so I guess that is nice.

Purchased by me for your enlightenment.

November 2016

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