Platz 1/72 He-219 canopy mask set




800 yen


Platz/Dragon 1/72 kit


Scott Van Aken

I am just guessing from the set number, but this may well be Platz' first canopy masking set. A look at the instructions shows Eduard's name on them so I am also guessing that these are Eduard masks made for Platz. You can see that these are what I call the 'open' type of masks that take care of the edges and you fill in the rest with tape or liquid mask.

This particular set is for both the canopy and wheels on the 1/72 Platz/Dragon He-219 kit. There are not only masks for the wheels, but also for either the A-0 and A-7 variants of Germany's first purpose built night fighter. Instructions are entirely in Japanese, but as you can see, they are quite descriptive as to exactly what part of the mask fits where on the aircraft. I've not shown the actual masks as all you would see is a yellow rectangle, but you can clearly see what is on it by the instruction sheet reproduced above.

Well worth picking up if you are not all that fond of hand masking multiple panes.

August 2016


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