Platz 1/72 G3M 'Nell' Detail set




1400 yen


Hasegawa 1/72 G3M


Scott Van Aken

Now here is a set that will find a lot of favor amongst those who like to molde Japanese bombers in 1/72 scale. Though the instructions do not indicate such, I'm pretty sure this is for the Hasegawa kit as the old Arii/LS version isn't all that available.

This color etched set is made by Eduard in the Czech Republic so you know that the quality is there. Not surprisingly, most of the set is for the interior and includes proper seats, a myriad of instrument and control box faces as well as seat belts and rudder pedals. There are also sights for the guns, throttle quadrants and aileron control rods amongst some of the exterior bits. The instructions are very well done and show precisely where all thee bits and pieces are to fit. It isn't so involved as to put off the new user and these sorts of sets are perfect for those who want to start working with p.e.

It is an excellent set that will surely add a lot to your next build.

November 2010

My thanks to for the review set.

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