Platz 1/72 MiG-15UTI external detail set




1200 yen


Platz/Eduard 1/72 kit


Scott Van Aken

A second etched set for the Platz 1/72 MiG-15 UTI is this external set. Just from looking at the bits that are provided, I would bet that you could use this on the Eduard single seat version as well.

The biggest bits are the main gear doors with sections for internal detail. There are also pieces to use for the plumbing in the wheel well. A front engine cover and one for the exhaust is also included. There are pieces to make a set of wheel chocks that you might find useful and a few other pieces. None of it looks too daunting and if you take your time, the results should be very much worth the effort. The set comes with step by step instructions.

September 2017

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