Platz 1/72 MiG-15UTI color cockpit detail




1800 yen


Platz/Eduard 1/72 kit


Scott Van Aken

Whenever Platz releases a new or reboxed kit, they generally produce a series of upgrade sets and accessories for it. This is one for the new MiG-15 UTI and is a color cockpit set. Those of you who have purchased the Eduard Profipak version of this kit will recognize it as it is the same thing. This means you can use it on the weekend special boxing if you have one.

The set contains a pair of instrument panels, a full seat harness, the side console boxes as well as details for the seats, plackards for the wall, and a brace for the windscreen along with some other bits. Eduard has chosen a light grey color for the cockpit with this set so any specialty paints you have will probably not match without some adjustment. A full set of instructions accompanies this set, making it look very simple to do.

These sorts of sets really add a lot to a plane's cockpit and would be my choice.

September 2017

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