Platz 1/72 Su-27 Cockpit Detail Set




1760 yen yen from this link


Platz/Zvezda Su-27SM Flanker B(Mod)


Scott Van Aken


Platz has released a very nice photo etch set to go along with their recent Su-27SM kit. This particular set is for mostly the interior though it does includes some antennas. The set is produced by Eduard for Platz so you know the quality is there.

The interior set is a full color set that includes things like instrument panels, side consoles, bits and pieces for the seat, including a harness, gun sight bracket rudder pedals, mirrors and a number of other pieces. For the outside there are some antennas, tie down lugs, and a nose wheel well insert to name a few.

Besides being superbly done, the fret comes with full instructions.

February 2017

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