Platz 1/72 Heinkel He-219 Detail Set




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Platz/Dragon 1/72 Heinkel He-219


Scott Van Aken


Platz has released a very nice photo etch set to go along with their recent He-219 kit. This particular set has both interior and exterior details and is quite complete. The sets are produced by Eduard for Platz so you know the quality is there.

The interior set is a full color set that includes things like radio box faces, rudder pedals, control handles and seat belts for the pilot and radar operator. In a few cases you will need to either remove extant detailing or add in items from plastic rod or sheet. These instances are minimal and the instructions clearly show what needs to be done.

The external set is not color as you will be painting most of it anyway. This includes things like radiator grills, new wheel well interiors for both the front and main gear, and a new set of radar aerials for the He-219A-0 version. This would be used for Platz kit AE-3. There are a few other miscellaneous bits such as upper fuselage fuel filler access ports, oleo scissors and brake lines which you can use to add even more detail.

A very nice set of full color instructions comes along with the set. The only down-side for some is that it is all in Japanese, but what notes are there are easy enough to figure out. I should repeat that this set is for kits AE-1 and AE-3 with the differences (which are few), noted in the instructions. In all, well worth picking up if you want the added detail these sets provide.

August 2016


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