Platz 1/72 T-33A Shooting Star Detail Set




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Platz 1/72 T-33 Kit


Scott Van Aken

This set is basically an interior detail set with bits for the seats, instrument panels, consoles, and rudder pedals to name a few. There are, oddly, no seat harness pieces, though there are placards for the inside of the canopy and for the tub sidewalls. For the outside, there are replacement bits for the main and nose gear retraction struts, oleo scissors as well as a complete replacement set of speed brakes as well as the actuating struts. The set is designed for the all new Platz T-33A kit.

The etched set itself is superbly done with many parts being in full color. It is made under contract by Eduard, so you know that the quality is there. This would very much be a good set for someone to get their feet wet in photo etch. It has the small bits that many really like, yet you do not need to use all of them if you do not wish to. Like all Platz etch sets, it comes with a comprehensive and well drawn construction guide.

It is an excellent set that will surely add a lot to your next build.

February 2012

My thanks to for the review set.

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