Platz 1/144 C-46D Commando Detail set




1500 yen


Platz 1/144 C-46


Scott Van Aken

This next new photo etch set from Platz is for their equally new C-46 kit and quite welcome. There are two frets provided and these are color photo etch from Eduard. The smaller of the two is for the cockpit. It includes a new instrument panel, trim wheels, seat harness, rear bulkhead, bulkhead door, circuit breaker panel and control wheels.

The larger fret is for the rest of the airframe. This includes new main and tail wheel wells, inner gear doors, inner and outer wheel hub detail, Reinforcement straps for around the wing separation point, as well as quite a few maintenance hatches and bolt heads. New oleo scissors for the main landing gear are included as well as some vents.

The set is superbly done and it comes with a complete set of instructions. These show what, if any modifications need to be done and as you might guess, these mods are pretty much removing the extant bits to replace them with the ones of more detail. The set also includes a few antennas and while they are nice, it may be the you will want to keep the more three dimensional kit versions, even if they are a tad oversize.

In all, it is a great set and will enhance an already fine kit.

February 2013

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