Pavla U 72-94 Su-15 'Flagon A' correct vertical tail




Scott Van Aken


Resin for the Trumpeter kit .

Apparently one of the glitches with the Trumpeter 1/72 Su-15 is a poorly shaped tail. Fortunately, Pavla has decided to do something about it and has produced a properly shaped tail. This is a direct replacement for the kit part. Simply remove it from the pour stub, give it a good cleaning and glue it in place. Some of you might think 'hey, this is the same as the new fin for the Su-15TM'. Well, it is not exactly as this fin has some antennas on the tip that are not present on the other one. Means that if the TM tail is sold out, you can use this one by sanding these pieces away.

A fine new replacement bit  that is sure to improve the look of your Trumpeter Su-15 considerably.

August 2008

Review copy courtesy of the fine folks atPavla ModelsPavlamodels - logo. Visit them at theirwebsite.

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