Pavla U72-129: Spitfire PR.IA/IV/VII Conversion set




Scott Van Aken


For the new Airfix kit

Readers will recall that a short time back, Pavla released a conversion set for the PR Spits. This one fills in some of those gaps by offering a conversion to do either a PR.IA, PR.IV, or PR.VII using the new Spit Mk.I/II kit. As none of the three Spitfires have the exact same parts, Pavla has provided bits so that whichever of the three you wish to do, you'll have the correct bits. This includes an armored and plain canopy set, two different seats, the fuel tank that fits behind the seat, five spoke wheels, larger intake as well as a small access panel and oil cooler.

The instructions will identify what bit goes with which mod. The set includes a very nice set of decals, which, judging by the 2004 date on them, must have been used on an earlier set. The Mk.IA is in Cmotint Green based in France in December 1939. The MkIV has a tropical filter and is in overall Royal Blue with 74 OTU in Palestine, while the MkVII is with 140 Squadron in September 1941 in a green/brown/grey camouflage. There is come modification required to the kit, but otherwise, this is a very straight-forward conversion.

August 2011

Review copy courtesy of the fine folks atPavla ModelsPavlamodels - logo. Visit them at theirwebsite.

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